Cracked Nut Suite


The Eagle

A Native American theme was used on this Deacon guitar. The back and sides are South East Asian Rosewood with a 1959 Sitka spruce top, Brazilian Rosewood peg head, fingerboard, bridge and American Sycamore bindings.

Vintage Slope MacNaught

This guitar was built for a Grammy Award Winning singer and songwriter in Norway. He chose Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides with an Adirondack Spruce “double-top”. Bindings are Shag Bark Hickory sap wood which look like grained ivory used on vintage guitars.

Driver the Bulldog

Our customer wanted to honor his friend, Driver the Bulldog, by incorporating the dog’s image image into his MiniMac guitar. The dog inlay was done by Jimmi Wingert. The body is Cocobolo Rosewood.

The Black Knight

The Black Knight guitar gets its inspiration from an old pinball arcade game. This SDG body uses curly German White Oak back and sides, Carpathian Spruce top and curly Maple accents.

The McKnight

“The McKnight” is a tip of the hat to honor the old pre-war era guitars. Curly Maple back and sides with a warm Sitka Spruce top darkened the tone of this little Deacon body. Simple Ivoroid rosette rings, body side bindings, fret board edge and peg head bindings complete this package contrasted by the full body “honey burst” finish.

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