Cracked Nut Suite


Ziricote MiniMac

Ziricote back and sides with a LS Redwood top. Cocobolo Rosewood bindings and red purfling lines frame the smooth flowing lines on this Venetian cutaway MiniMac body. Mother of Pearl diamond shaped inlays adorn this guitar with just the right amount of bling to compliment the natural beauty of the Ziricote.

Blackwood SDG

This gorgeous and understated SDG body has rare 100% quarter sawn African Blackwood back and “double-sides” along with an Adirondack Red Spruce top provides the power and response to please any finger style player. A tasteful mosaic Koa and Spalted maple rosette is the focal point on this guitar. The curly Koa bindings provide just the right amount of wood bling to compliment the Blackwood.

Lion of Judah, SDG

The Lion of Judah guitar was designed by our client to lead worship to 50,000 people in Singapore for their “2015 Year of Jubilee”. This slope MacNaught body of Cocobolo Rosewood and sun burst Adirondack Red Spruce top is tastefully bound with Blood wood. The incredible Lion of Judah inlay was done by our talented friend, Harvey Leach. Madagascar Rosewood peg head, fret board and bridge round out the tone wood package.

#1 Genesis Series

This is the 1st guitar in our Genesis series. The word Genesis means beginning and this guitar takes us back and reminds us of our beginnings, building much simpler and utilitarian guitars. Our early guitars had a focus on tone, playability and responsive power. This is our way of offering our customers a no frills guitar with these targeted goals in mind. We are not taking orders for these and the Genesis guitars will only be offered when we build them on spec.

This Genesis guitar is based our SDG body which is quickly gaining popularity on our best selling body the MiniMac. This one has Eastern Black Walnut back and double sides and Adirondack Red Spruce top. Our Knight head logo, rosette and pick guard are all permanently inlayed into the top. Gotoh 300 series tuners provide quality and ease of tuning.

Hillary O’s Dragonfly

Hillary O’s Dragon Fly was designed by a father to remember his daughter who shared a love for music and for life. It was our honor to be part of this wonderful project.

The MiniMac body uses a rare Birds Eye Quilted Curly Maple figure that has to be seen to behold its true beauty. A vintage Western Lucky Strike Redwood top is the perfect compliment both tonally and visually on this guitar. The entire package is framed with curly Koa bindings throughout.

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