Cracked Nut Suite


The Songbird

“The Songbird” was an exciting project for us. Mary worked in collaboration with our client and also with Jimmi Wingert who did the intricate inlay on this guitar. The MiniMac body is made from rare “Watermelon” figure Brazilian Rosewood with a Euro spruce double top. The design concept came from a passion our client had shared with his mother, watching, feeding and enjoying the song birds on their homestead.

Make a Joyful Noise

The MiniMac body uses South East Asian Rosewood back and sides with a vintage 1959 Sitka Spruce top. Green purfling lines add a unique and distinct framing on this guitar. The rosette sums it all up… Make a Joyful Noise.

The Sonic Sitka Project

The Sonic Sitka Project was devised by our friend Denis Merrill who wanted to prove or disprove that a guitar opens up over time. He had a spruce log milled into ~150 tops which he then sold to builders all over the world. Each top was numbered and had a unique serial tag that goes with it to identify it as a participant in the project. Denis has plans to write a book and document the entire project. We purchased three tops and used two for a “double-top” and the third for a single top guitar. As far as we know we have the only double-top guitar in the project.

Black Limba

Our popular MiniMac body with Black Limba wood back and “double-sides” paired with a BC Engelmann top.

Adrianne’s Builds

Our daughter is building guitars at her own pace and will not accept any orders. She is patiently learning the craft as she balances building in the evenings with working a full time day job. Here are a few guitars she has built:

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