Summer Rain


This happy gentleman has the unique privilege of being the owner of our daughter Adrianne’s first guitar (serial #2) offered to the public for sale. It’s an SDG body made of African Movingui with a Lutz spruce top.

Adrianne ‘s Guitars can ocassionaly be seen at her dealer:

Hearts’ Home Acoustics
109 Oak Park Drive
Boerne, TX 78006

Telephone: (830) 331-9840

However, they seldom are there for more than a day before they find a new home 😉

Nate & Brooke P. own Adrianne’s #4 guitar. Back and double sides are African Zebra wood with a Norway Spruce top. Nate spent the day shopping for a new guitar at the Memphis Acoustic Guitar Festival and he told Adrianne that her guitar was the BEST sounding one there. We were really surprised to hear such a tremendously kind and humbling compliment!

Adrianne’s #5 guitar is in process now. She plans to show it at an upcoming show in 2017.

Craig Lambeth is the happy owner of Adrianne’s #6 guitar that he purchased at the recent Artisan Guitar Show in PA. The comfortable Deacon body of Ambrosia Maple and Golden Pencil Cedar top was his pick of the show.

Please send us a picture of you playing your McKnight Guitar and we will be happy to include your picture on our web site.