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Fretboard journal Bench Press: McKnight Guitars interview February 2018

For this week’s Bench Press, we talk to Tim McKnight of McKnight Guitars. Tim and his wife Mary have been building and designing custom McKnight Guitars since 1992, but Tim has been on our radar as of late for his vast experience using alternative tone woods. Over the course of our chat, Tim tells us about some domestic alternatives to tropical woods that he likes, the ways that wood choices can affect guitar tone, and a lot more.

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If you are up for a road trip and weekend of fun please visit us and test drive a few Mcknight Guitars at:

The Annual McKnight McJam

A weekend centered around acoustic guitars, fun, fellowship, food, classes, open mic tour the shop, meet aesthetic designer, Mary and talk with luthier Tim. Meet new friends with the same interests as you, leave with a smile on your face and a song in your heart!


Pre-sign up required with Mary no later than one month in advance.
Payment required. Limited number of attendees accepted.
McKnight t-shirt must be worn to this event.
For details contact mary(at)mcknightguitars(dot)com

Want to watch a McKnight Guitar being built? Click on the red links below:

HighLander OM model with Ziricote back, Double Sides with a Manzer Wedge and also including our unique “Hollow Back” design, topped with a unique Bear Claw Adirondack Spruce top.

SDG model with extreme figured Honduras Mahogany which is also known as “The TREE” with Adirondack Spruce top.This magical “TREE” has quite a storied history and reputation for producing some of the most highly sought after guitars in the market today.

SDG model “The Black Knight” with curly White Oak back and sides and Carpathian Spruce top.

Deacon OO model with Maple & Mahogany [exterior & interior] “Hollow Back” & “Double Sides”and Sitka Spruce top.

MiniMac model with Osage Orange [exterior & interior] “Hollow Back” & “Double Sides”and Carpathian Spruce top.

MiniMac model with Bird’s Eye Quilted Maple [exterior], Madagascar Rosewood [interior] “Hollow Back” and “Double Sides” and 1950 vintage Redwood top.

JumboMac 12 string model with Curly Black Walnut [exterior],Walnut & Black Cherry [interior] “Hollow Back” and “Double Sides” and a Redwood “Double Top”.

MiniMac model with 1700’s Black Walnut [exterior],Walnut [interior] “Hollow Back” and “Double Sides” and a [LS] Lucky Strike Redwood top.

MiniMac model with Cocobolo Rosewood back and “Double Sides” with a Lutz spruce “Double Top”.

MiniMac model with Cocobolo Rosewood back and “Double Sides” with a BC Engelmann spruce top. This guitar was built for TAMCO guitars located in England.