Waltz For Rebecca Diamond

Worship Leaders

Nathan & Laura Krahn

Nathan & Laura Krahn receiving the very first SDG (Solei Deo Gloria) model at the IBMA show in Nashville. Nathan is worship leader in their church.

Michael Radebaugh

Michael Radebaugh, his wife Jennifer and son William are Baptist Missionaries to South Africa. Michael plays a unique MacNaught guitar with Wild Cherry sides to remind him of his home in the States but the back is African Bubinga where he is now called "back" home.

Randy Peasley

Randy Peasley, plays his East Indian Rosewood/Adirondack spruce Jumbo Mac while leading Worship Minister in the First Church of Christ, in Sault Sainte Marie, MI.

Jim Drury

Jim Drury and the first McKnight 12-string JumboMac, Curly Black Walnut/Redwood "double-top" and hollow back. Before his passing, Jim was Pastor and worship leader at Ascension St. Matthew's Lutheran Episcopal Church in Price, Utah.

Cathy Lemoine

Cathy Lemoine (center) with her Mahogany/Sitka OOO-D. Kathy and her two friends (Judy Gross left & Reggie Tolleson right) are part of a prison ministry team in Texas.

Bryan Dear

Bryan Dear leading a men's worship retreat (Sunnyside Foursquare Church, in OR) on his Granadillo RW/1959 Sitka Slope D MacNaught

Wayne Jones

Wayne Jones, Worship leader in Oregon, playing his S.E. Asian RW / 1959 Sitka topped MacNaught guitar

The Bankesters

The Bankesters can be found touring Nashville and throughout the US. "The talents of emerging artists and industry professionals are essential to keeping bluegrass alive and growing, and the IBMA board feels these individuals deserve special recognition for the hard work and the contributions they are making to the industry as a whole," says IBMA Executive Director Nancy Cardwell.

Jimmy Dutton

Gone but not forgoten, our friend Jimmy Dutton of "Hymn Time" with his EIRW / Sitka / Sunburst MacNaught

Josh Brainard

Josh Brainard, Delaware Christian Worship Leader & his JumboMac/EIRW/59 Sitka burst

Matt Brent

Matt Brent, worship minister at Celebration Christian Church and member of "Level Ground" pictured with his JumboMac/EIRW/Adirondack

Ken Wert

Ken Wert, Youth Pastor of Calvary Bible Baptist Church, Marion, OH playing his Wild Black Cherry/Sitka MacNaught

Randy Pflug

Randy Pflug, worship leader at The Vineyard, Sunbury, OH playing his African Anigre/

David & Melanie Weyer

David & Melanie Weyer, with David's Movingui/Carpathian/German Double top MiniMac guitar. David and Melanie are both active worship leaders in their church in Southern Indiana.